Hi, We are Leadflow

Our Mission
Our mission is to further your mission by making most of the web!

Our Team

A growing team of strategists, designers, and storytellers

HK Han
Co-Founder & Project Manager

Han is a Co-founder of Leadflow.NYC and has worked in roles such as Sr Experience Designer at ESI Design and Project Lead at Habitat NYC. Han’s portfolio includes large scale corporate branding and digital experience design.

Kevin Lee
Co-Founder & Creative Direction

Kevin Lee, as Leadflow.NYC's lead designer, manages branding, website development, and creative direction. His focus lies in helping nonprofits define their identity and boost their brand and web experiences with clear, impactful solutions.

Kazi Lotus, Lead Software Engineer
Kazi Lotus
Lead Software Engineer

Lotus is a Software Developer with over 8 years of programming experience in SaaS platforms and Cloud deployments, specializing in Software Architecture design.

Michael Ge
Web Developer and Business Strategist

Michael, a web developer with a focus on social impact, partners with minority-owned businesses and nonprofits in Wisconsin and NYC. His extensive experience as a developer, researcher, and leader drives the creation of lasting technical solutions. He's also actively involved in destigmatizing mental wellness through initiatives like founding an Asian mental health conference and collaborating with local healthcare clinics and the Asian Mental Health Collective.

Chloe Ho
Social Media Manager &
Digital Marketing Consultant

Meet Chloe, our resident content marketing and digital marketing expert. With many years of experience in the field, Chloe has honed her skills in social media, campaign management, and copywriting to create compelling and effective marketing strategies.

Hazel Yuan
Junior UI/UX Designer & Strategist

Hazel is a creative problem solver, seamlessly integrates a strategic and research-based mindset into her design practice. Her experiences predominantly encompass agency settings, where she has successfully navigated various real-world projects, including collaborations with esteemed brands such as Nike, LVMH, and Kering.

Scott Han
UI & UX Designer

Scott is a Visual Designer with expertise in web-interface, brand guidelines, motion graphics and data visualizations. Previous clients include Bricks and Mortals, Habitat for Humanity NYC, Interfaith Assembly on Homelessness and Housing and Coalition for the Homelessness. 


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Our Core Values, Services & Design Approach

Leadflow at a glance



⦿ Nonprofit Brand Strategy

⦿ Website & Web Application

⦿ Audit & Planning

⦿ User Experience and User
Journey Consulting

⦿ Virtual Event Digital Strategy

⦿ Branding, Messaging, and Logo Design

⦿ Nonprofit Custom Web Design

⦿ Web Application Design

⦿ User Interface Design

⦿ Virtual Event Program Design

⦿ Front End Development

⦿ Back End Development

⦿ Content Management System

⦿ API Integration

⦿ Virtual Event Live Video & Registration Portal Integraion

Our Core Values

1. Always Consult Instead of Sell 
Don’t be fearful of losing the potential client.

2. Give Away the Business
Focus on helping our clients first than maximizing our short-term revenue.

3. Tell the Kind Truth
Be responsible for being truth-tellers (with kindness, empathy & respect) even it means client relationship could be sacrificed.

4. Enter the Danger
Don’t shy away from uncomfortable situations

5. Ask Dumb Questions
If you don’t know something, ask. Your client knows more about their expertise and organization than we do. Don’t be fearful of being embarrassed. 

6. Make Dumb Suggestions
Sometimes obvious ideas are overlooked. Don’t hold back ideas out of fear of being humiliated.

7. Celebrate Your Mistakes
Mistakes are inevitable.  Readily call them out and take responsibility for them.

8. Take a Bullet for the Client
Find moments when we can humble ourselves and sacrificially take some of the burden off of a client in a difficult situation.

9. Make Everything About the Client
Throw your full attention into the world of the client.  Focus to understanding, honoring, supporting the client's organization.

10. Honor the Client’s Work
Take an active interest in their expertise and in the work they do.  Not being able to honor that work is a good indication that I shouldn’t be doing the work.

Engineering Design Approach

Ask and Research
No one size fits all. It’s important to ask the right questions during your selection process to exactly understand your restraints, bottlenecks and needs.
Imagine and Plan
Website planning is very essential in any small as well as large nonprofits. We will have in depth discussions to understand your organization's vision and meticulously plan for the structure of the project that all the stake holders can visit and edit.
Design & Review
A well-designed website can help you form a good impression on your potential supporters. It can also help you nurture your leads and get more conversions. But, more importantly, it provides good user experience and helps your website visitors access and navigate your website with ease. Our team will make sure to hit all of those goals and ask for timely feedbacks from you and your team.
Test & Evaluate
A complete test of your site’s design should be implemented before its initial launch or redesign. This lets you identify elements that aren’t working so that they can be addressed as quickly as possible with minimal disruption.
Launch & Improve
There are two areas that we focus on when launching a website:Technical — Have all the coding, hosting, device responsiveness and other issues been addressed? Outreach — Is the site optimized for reach and conversion of supporters and other important goals?
On-Going Support
Websites are like most things that have been engineered. They require maintenance to keep them running.

The ongoing support you need falls into a number of areas:1) Technical maintenance 2) Content & design support 3)Dealing with 3rd party changes and requirements 4) New change requirements
Ask & Research
Imagine & Plan
Design & Review
Test & Evaluate
Launch & Improve
On-Going Support
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