Bricks and Mortals

Bricks and Mortals

Connect congregations to experts and financial resources so houses of worship can thrive in NYC

Bricks and Mortals is a grassroots membership organization comprised of individuals and organizations from faith-based institutions and the real estate community, which provides resources, connections, and training in order to empower congregations in NYC to maximize and monetize their real property to support the mission, benefit the community and continue their good work.

Work Rendered

⦿ Nonprofit Branding Strategy

⦿ Visual Branding, Logo, Styleguide Development

⦿ Website Design and Development

⦿ User Interface & User Experience Design

⦿ Project Management

Bricks and Mortals
The Brief


Our client needed a website where they can communicate their values, showcase important works they do and services the offer, create event registrations, inform the supporters about important sign ons, demonstrate thought leadership, receive donations and make it very easy for the public to contact them.

Client also needed a logo that symbolizes the important work they do for preserving and helping congregations thrive and consistent branding throughout the website.

Logo and Style Guide Development:

Logo Design Initial Ideations

Symbol + Typeface Variation


The website was delivered with all device responsiveness with consistent branding, functionalities and display of information that our client wanted and needed.

Our team built Bricks and Mortals website that surpassed the clients' expectations and clients were very happy with the successful launch.

Implementations of the best SEO practices in Webflow, we were able to help Bricks and Mortals to be in the top google search engine results and brings on average 150 visitors per month.