IAHC (Interfaith Affordable Housing Collaborative)

Assist in the broad education and outreach to New York’s faith community regarding options that may be available for utilizing their property to produce affordable and supportive housing

The IAHC (the Collaborative) was established to promote the development of supportive and affordable housing on Faith-based properties in New York City and across New York State.

Work Rendered

⦿ Nonprofit Brand Strategy & Branding

⦿ Logo & Custom Icon Design

⦿ Website Design and Development

⦿ Custom CMS Development

⦿ Project Management

⦿ 2D Animation Implementation

IAHC (Interfaith Affordable Housing Collaborative)
The Brief

IAHC provides values through the provision of pre-development funds, technical assistance, advice, and the promotion of public policies that support this objective. The Collaborative seeks to ensure that congregations and Faith Based Organizations (FBOs) across the state will be equipped with the knowledge and capacity to make the most informed  decisions with regard to the use of their property.


Our clients needed a website to educate congregational leaders to understand IAHC's core values and how they can help with development of supportive and affordable housing on Faith based properties in NYC and across New York State.

They didn't have any strong communication asset to display important information and easily guide the visitors to achieve their goals and be able to receive application and begin consultation in a professional way.

Our clients also needed a logo that symbolizes their values and consistent branding for their organization.


With in-depth consultation throughout the project, we were able to help our client get clarity on how to display and educate visitors on their pre-development process which is their core service of the organization.

Throughout the website, we implemented 2D animations to keep the website live and engaging. Custom and extensive CMS (Content Management System) were built in the back-end for the client to easily manage, edit and upload content to the website with ease.