Intro to Vocal Production Online Course

Learn how to create music by utilizing the most portable and unique instrument that you have: your voice.

Kamau Mbonisi Kwame Agyeman, known professionally by his stage name, KAMAUU, is an American singer and rapper based in Brooklyn, New York City.

Work Rendered

⦿ Website Design & Development

⦿ User Journey Consultation

⦿ Online Course Design

⦿ Course Video Editing

⦿ Digital Marketing

Intro to Vocal Production Online Course
The Brief

Intro to Vocal Production online course was created to educate beginners to intermediate musicians to explore and create music just using their own voice.


After the pandemic, our client wanted to create a communication channel where he can systematically deliver value and be more independent from traditional live shows which were pretty much non-existent during 2020.


We consulted and designed the course curriculum with the client, shot the course content, edited all the videos and posted on Teachables as the learning platform.

Once the course was ready, we sold the pre-course to determine the demand and get feedback initially. And eventually launched with improved course content a few months later.

For marketing, we designed a custom landing page on Webflow that sat on top of Teachables. And with distributing planned weekly videos in social media, we were able to bring over 15 thousand people to check out the course in the span of 6 months and our client currently has over 150 students enrolled and the community is growing everyday.