Habitat for Humanity New York City & Westchester County

Virtual Habitat House Party

A world where everyone has a decent place to live

Habitat for Humanity is a nonprofit organization that builds a cleaner, greener, and more equitable future for every New Yorker. To help the cause, the very first virtual fundraising event raised over $600,000. Virtual event interface design, including interactive activities and streaming services over video conference platforms. It also produced secondary motion graphic and visual design assets for mobile and desktop. The event has now grown to host 2021 Virtual Habitat House Party.

Work Rendered

⦿ Branding

⦿ Website Development

⦿ User Interface & User Experience Design

⦿ Project Management

⦿ Website Development

⦿ Event Technology Integration:

⊙ Live Video Function

⊙ Networking via Video Conferencing

⊙ Public and Direct Chat Feature

⊙ Three Registration Portals:

1) Sponsor

2) Sponsor's Guest

3) Public

Virtual Habitat House Party
The Brief

Featured On Demand Videos

During the 2-day event, pre-produced videos featuring educational materials from keynote speakers with the sponsorship opportunity to co-feature content.

Guest Speakers & Honorees

Diverse group of Guest Speakers and Honorees during the live broadcast 8 hours per day, over 2 days. Sponsor branded graphics were also featured throughout the live broadcast.


Agenda sections in the main event page provides the agenda for both days of the event.

Fully Covered Event Content

Templatized event website covers all necessary areas of hosting a virtual event.


Due to the pandemic outbreak, Habitat for Humanity New York City wasn't able to host yearly gala in 2020. This was a big problem because Gala fundraisers one of the most important event for the nonprofits to raise operation costs for the upcoming year and area great opportunity for nonprofit teams to connect with their donors and learn more about their commitment to the cause.  


The team created custom branding, web development, and integrated event technology mostly from scratch to fit the need for the client, sponsors, and the public.

The event was very successful with hundreds of supporters attending the event. The very first virtual fundraising event raised over $600,000. The event has now grown to host 2021 Virtual Habitat House Party.

Staff credits
Creative Director: Wilson Tang
Production Director: WeiQi, Momo Huang, Hyun Kyu Han
User Interface Designer: Scott Han, Issa Mao
User Experience Designer: So Jin Park, Mikkey Tokuhira